Project Get Tina Fit-The Approach for Success

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Project Get Tina Fit-The Approach for Success

I don’t know how many times I’ve started a weight-loss plan, some with more success than others. However here I am, needing to lose weight again! Losing weight is hard. Losing weight when you have are chronically ill? Hmmm. I’ve gone round and round in circles and seem to fall off the bandwagon when I have a symptom flare. I need an approach for success, that will work for me all the time; symptom-free and flare ups.

So what’s my approach?

In my first blog post of this series, I talked about the realisation that things needed to change. You can have a read of it here.

Before I get into the detail of my approach for success, let’s discuss a bit more about what’s been happening.

RBSS-approach to success

Why a Diet Hasn’t Been Working

  • A diet makes me think of something you do for a while. If you don’t get results, you might stop.
  • It was viewed as another thing to do. “I’m either busy or resting; I haven’t got time for more…”
  • When I’m having to rest through fatigue, I crave comfort food. I am also reliant on my husband for the food shopping and meal prep. It would be pie or pizza every night if he had his way!
  • So I might then just think, Okay it won’t matter for today. Then that turns into another day, then another…

Why a Project Frame of Mind

Dr Parr at  says…

This is where the lessons of good project management can be helpful. In the workplace a major project is usually accomplished though defining the scope to the project, appropriate goal setting, allocation of resources (including time), and a mechanism to assess progress.

Improve your success by treating weight loss or exercise like a project

  • Before you start, list out what is not working and why. Then you’ll know what to change.
  • Set your goals and plan what you are going to do each day, week and month to reach them. How will you monitor progress, celebrate achievements and manage risks.
  • Having short term goals you can focus on the process itself and achievements along the way, rather than just the end goal.
  • You monitor progress at regular intervals. You can make changes, but you don’t stop the project.
  • You manage risks. How will you deal with those times when temptation calls?

RBSS-approach to success

What I’m Doing-My Approach for Success

  • I have my project in mind each and every day. Part of my morning routine is to sit down with my first cuppa of the day and my planner and ask “what am I going to do today, to get closer to my goals?”
  • Record progress daily on MyFitnessPal and FitBit.
  • Scheduled time on a Sunday to review the week ahead.
    • When will I exercise?
    • Plan meals and carry out online shop, so always got appropriate food options.
    • Any challenges or risks to progress? How will I work round them.
  • Weigh and measure every two weeks
  • Making myself accountable with this blog series and regular updates on Instagram. As well as talking to friends and family.

RBSS-approach to success


My Tools for Success

  • Water bottle and aim to drink 3 litres a day
  • FitBit to monitor sleep and step count. Like this one.
  • FitnessPal to log food.
  • A Green Thickie, once or twice a day, as well high protein low carb meals. Green Thickies are a complete meal in a glass. It fills me up so stops me wanting to snack. You can find out more and get started at Green Thickies 7 Day Plan

It has been said before, but this is now a lifestyle. I am still at the very early stages and I will be learning along the way. I’ve had the mindset change, now let’s see the change in the measurements!

Take care

Love Tina x

I would love to have your support through the process. There will be a new blog post every two weeks on a Friday, and updates on Instagram. Follow me here. Who knows, you might also be inspired to start your own project! If you are, then tag me in your posts, so we can support each other.

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