The Self-Love Affair by Katie Phillips

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The Self-Love Affair
Published: 2015-06-10
To feel happy and connected is your right. Feeling worthy of a life full of love, peace and deep satisfaction is not the Holy Grail. Worry, anger, guilt and a lack of self worth are NOT your truth. The truth of you is free, empowered, abundant and joyful. You shine from the inside out. You are quite something to behold! If you are ready to make the decision to become the best version of you,…

I mentioned The Self-Love Affair book in my Wellbeing Plan for June blog post, that was published last week. I always set myself the goal of reading a self-development book each month. However, I have mentioned in previous blog posts that I am or will be reading this book, but I haven’t got through it. I had a realisation as to why.

This book and some others like it, is more than sitting and reading one page after another. There are exercises to complete through the chapters to help reinforce your learning. You need to have your notebook and pen with you all the time and be prepared to do a combination of reading and writing within the time.

Since re-setting my thinking on this, I’ve got two thirds through the book! It just goes to show doesn’t it, what you can achieve with a change of mind-set.

To Feel Happy and Connected is Your Right.

There are some really interesting exercises about getting to know who you are and what is important to you. The most important aspect for me is you work on self-limiting beliefs. You are worthy of living a full and wonderful life. To some this might sound obvious. To many others who have self-esteem issues, who might be feeling low or that something is not quite right; this book may be just what you need.

As well Katie’s first hand experience and the activities, there are other tools to help. Each chapter has a combination of meditations, affirmations and also a song or songs to help reinforce the teachings of that chapter.

This book is a great start for a self-development journey. It is written in every day language, which really helps to explain certain concepts, such as the difference between thoughts, feelings and emotions. I’ve been clearer on this than I have been for years.

I encourage you to buy the book and start your guide to a daring and mighty life!

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