Project GTF-In Holiday Mode

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Project GTF-In Holiday Mode

As you are reading this now, this week could be quite a test for me. Those of you that follow me on Facebook and Instagram will know that I am away in lovely sunny Cyprus! So I’m in holiday mode as they say! Or am I..?  What do I mean by that? I better explain!

Being in holiday mode, can mean that you are more relaxed about what you normally do, with a “ah, it doesn’t matter, I’m on holiday” type approach. When you are on holiday, away from home and outside of your usual routines, it is very easy to do this. I am very much looking forward to relaxing on holiday. I can’t wait for the scenery and wonderful Greek food. spending time with my husband and reading some exciting books. So I will relax and enjoy the holiday, but not relax on my food and fitness goals-otherwise known as Project GTF- Project Get Tina Fit!

In the first blog post in this series, which you can read here, I talked about this not being a diet. Not something I pick up when I can. Health and fitness is a lifestyle and should be a part of your daily practice no matter where you are or what you are doing. So before the trip, I planned what I could do to stay on track but still enjoy the holiday. Below is the list I came up with

Keep hydrated

This will start on the plane and will continue each day. In my wellbeing post for June I talked about my Chillys Water Bottle. I have the rose gold one, which I love! It really does keep your drink lovely and cold too.

Keep my routine, where I can

I’ve started the ritual of meditation every morning and I really want to continue that whilst I’m away. In the wellbeing post, I mentioned wanting to obtain my 30 day streak. As I am writing this my current run streak is 8 so I’m not going to stop now.

I have also started doing a workout before breakfast three days a week, with gentle stretches on the other days. Again, this is something I will continue. It might not be before breakfast, but I will add to the day.

Be Active Every Day

I will aim to be active every day. It might be walking into the local town or using the hotel gym-we shall see. Bearing in mind pacing myself and energy levels, I will walk where I can and aim to meet my step goal every day.

Keep My Mind Focused

I am looking forward to reading a book by a huge inspiration, Angela Cox. Angela overcame bullying and abuse, PTSD  and a negative relationship with food and body image, to overhaul her mind and body. You can read more about the wonderful woman in this article from Happiful Magasine and you can buy her book here. I am sure I will be writing about it again, as I read through.


Let’s face it, the main purpose of going away is to rest, relax and unwind. I will chill out by the beach or pool and have no guilt about doing that.

So there’s my plan to be healthy and shine on the inside and out, during the summer holidays. Would you like to see what I’m up to? Follow me on Instagram here 

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  1. ReplyCaz / InvisiblyMe
    Great tips and I'll check out that book by Angela as it sounds like an interesting & powerful read. Enjoy your holiday as much as you possibly can!! :)