Project Get Tina Fit-Part One

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Project Get Tina Fit-Part One

I don’t want to keep talking about something and not doing anything about it. It wouldn’t be authentic and it certainly wouldn’t help me move forward, develop or shine in life.  So I’ve looked again at how to get fit. I shall explain…

My wellbeing review

Since starting this blog, I have been publishing a series of posts on my Wellbeing Review-Wellbeing Wednesday. (See the latest one here). In it I review what I’m doing for my wellbeing and set new goals for the month ahead. I have really enjoyed doing this and I will be carrying on, but I have made an observation and a couple of things need to change.

The start of my year…

Doing the wellbeing review process, I noticed month after month I was saying I wanted to get back into exercise and reduce my body fat. I wasn’t sure I had the energy. At the end of last year and beginning of this year, my energy levels were low-there’s no doubt about that. Each day had to be taken hour by hour, I couldn’t drive as I could barely keep my eyes open sometimes. I had multiple naps a day and my lovely husband was surprised if I got dressed!

I am so pleased to say that my days are quite different now. Having a nap is maybe once or twice a week. I have regular bed time and waking-up times. I really notice I feel groggy if I don’t! I can drive my car! I’m able to get to yoga more regularly-think I’ve managed 5 weeks in a row! All these things tell me I’m improving.

I noticed that I was at the stage where I could take my goals to the next level.

I have been quite fit before. I went to the gym 3-4 times a week, my eating was spot on for my body type, I was at a much healthier body weight and I even attended fitness events. I would love to get somewhere near that level of health and fitness again. But how…

I’ve had a change of mindset recently. I was on a self-development course called Mindset March. I listen to more podcasts too on mindset and living a happier life. It has given me the confidence and self-esteem to realise that I need to go for it. I kept hearing a great motivating phrase.

Yes my energy levels had to be right to do physical activity, but this also works the other way. I need to do things to increase and/or maintain my energy levels and be fit and healthy. So perhaps I need to think about this differently.

The realisation

Then I had a light-bulb moment.

I should be approaching this as a project! Not something I pick up and drop depending on how I feel and my symptoms. Instead an ongoing lifestyle project that I monitor, review and amend. I worked on a project-basis in my corporate job, so I am very used to working on this basis and without a doubt with regular monitoring it keeps the focus. More on this in the next post.

I would love you to follow my progress. It will help keep me accountable and it might inspire you to start your own Project Get Fit! Follow my progress on Instagram here!

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